Our glossary includes some Spanish words which will be useful if you want to buy a house in Spain. Buying property is a serious business, and even if you don't speak Spanish, if you learn the basic concepts you will feel more confident as you go through the procedure of buying your house in Spain.

A - C

Abogado Solicitor, Lawyer Casa House or Village House
Administrador de Fincas Licensed Property Administrator Catastro Land registry or mapping office
Adosado Terraced House Cedula de habitilidad Certificate that the property is habitable
API: Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria Property Agent Certificado Registral Certificate informing about debts of a specific property
Amortización Depreciation, Redemption Chalet Villa
Arras Down payment, deposit CIF: Certificado de Identificación Fiscal Fiscal identification Certificate
Aval Guarantee request by the bank to approve a mortgage application Comunidad de propietarios Community of property owners
Caja de ahorros Savings bank Contrato de Compraventa Private property sales contract. The agreement is signed by buyer and vendor
Cargas Charges or Debts Cortijo Country property with much land

D - I

Declaración de obra nueva Declaration of a new building in a Escritura in front of a notary IBI: Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles Annual real estate tax
Documento privado Private document Impuesto Tax
Documento público Public document Impuesto sobre el patrimonio Capital gains tax
Escritura Title Deed Incremento de patrimonio Capital gain
Euribor Euro Inter-bank Offered Rate ITP: Impuesto de transmisiones patrimoniales Property transfer tax
Finca Large Estate or Working Farm IVA: Impuesto sobre el valor añadido Value Added Tax
Gestoría Accountancy Firm specialised in obtaining official authorisations, permits, licences etc Inmobiliaria Estate Agent
Hipoteca Mortgage

J - P

Licencia de obra Planning and Building permission Pago en efectivo Cash payment
Administrador de Fincas Licensed Property Administrator Catastro Land registry or mapping office
Libre de cargas Free of debts Parcela Plot of land
NIE: Numero de Identidad de Extranjeros Spanish identification and personal tax number for foreigners Piso Flat
Notario Notary Poder Power of attorney
Nota simple Ownership Certificate from Property Registry Préstamo hipotecario Mortgage loan
Obra nueva Document certifying a brand new building Plusvalía Capital gains tax on the sale of property
Oferta vinculante Bank document certifying the exact mortgage conditions

R - Z

Registro de la Propiedad Property ownership Register Seguro de amortización de préstamos Loan repayment insurance
Renta Income Seguro multi-riesgo Hogar House insurance
Representante fiscal Official tax representative of foreigner Señal Deposit, down payment
Residencia Residency Tasación Independent valuation of property
Notario Notary Poder Power of attorney
Residente Resident Terreno Plot of land
Retención Non resident sellers pay on the notary day a retención of 3% of the purchase price. This is a deposit which the buyer has to pay to the fiscal authorities in the name of the sellers to cover the taxes from any gain in the sale price Tipo de interés Rate of interest
Se alquila For Rent Título de propiedad Deeds stating the ownership of property, date of sale etc.
Se vende For sale Valor Catastral Assessed value of property for tax purposes

Still have questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions, and The Buying Process for more information.

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