The Most Commonly Asked Questions

This section is designed to address the most commonly asked questions concerning buying a Spanish property. Buying Spanish real estate is a very straightforward process and probably very similar to what you’re used to at home. The most important consideration is whether the property is legal and that new title deeds can be written for it. As long as you have a competent solicitor you can rest assured that your dreams won’t turn into nightmares.

If we haven’t been able to answer your question here you can find further information in The Buying Process and the Glossary of Terms or you can ask your question at the bottom of this page by completing the simple form.

1. Dreaming About Your Perfect Spanish Property?

What is the best approach to finding the perfect Spanish property?
What are the 10 most common mistakes made when searching for a property in Spain?
How can I get help from Antequera Inland in my Search?

2. The Buying Process

How can I be sure that everything is legal regarding a property?
Do I need a Solicitor?
What documents do I need to purchase a property in Spain?
Do I need to be a Spanish resident?
What are the next steps once I’ve found the perfect property?
How long does it take from Start to Finish?

3. Closing and Ongoing Costs

What taxes and fees do I pay as a Buyer?
What taxes and fees do I pay as a Seller?
What taxes do I pay Annually?
What are the ongoing costs?

4. Building and Restoring

What is the difference between rural and urban land regarding building restrictions?
Do I need a license to restore a property?
How do I get planning permission?
How do I calculate the costs?

5. Financial

How do I exchange money to Euros?
Where and how do I get a mortgage?
What is the procedure for getting a mortgage for a Spanish property?

Still have questions? See the Glossary of Terms and The Buying Process for more information.

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