-90K Bargain Villa with Large Garden, Pool & Fruit Trees!
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Carmona Area | Ref: VL1311
Property Details
90m2 / 969 sqft
2,700m2 / 0.67 acres
Property Features
  • Traditional Style
  • 15 Minutes to Town
  • Close to Schools
  • Close to Medical Facilities
  • Close to Amenities
  • Close to Transportation
  • Close to Shops/Restaurants/Bars
  • Close to Golf
  • Good Motorway Access
  • Traditional Village
  • Historic Area
  • Private & Secluded Location
  • No Near Neighbours
  • Dead End Lane
  • Countryside Views
  • Fair To Good Condition
  • Cosmetic Work Needed
  • Modernization Needed
  • Some Renovation Needed
  • Telephone/Internet Possible
  • Well Water
  • Mains Electricity
  • Single Storey
  • Very Good Road Access
  • Good Rental Potential
Inside Features
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • Fireplace
  • Security Window Bars
  • Marble Floors
  • Gas Water Heating
Outside Features
  • Carport
  • Private Pool
  • Shaded Verandas
  • Fully Fenced & Gated
  • Not Overlooked
  • Outbuilding
  • Storage Room
  • Mature Garden
  • Numerous Mature Trees
  • Mature Shade Trees
  • Irrigation System
  • Palm Trees
  • Olive Trees
  • Lemon Tree
  • Fig Trees
  • Plum Tree
  • Pear Tree
  • Peach Trees
  • Almond Tree
  • Flat Plot
  • Land Suitable for Farming
  • BBQ Area
  • Daily Municipal Market
  • Municipal Sports Centre
  • Municipal Football Pitch
  • Municipal Tennis Court
  • Municipal Paddle Tennis Court
  • Municipal Volleyball Court
  • Municipal Basketball Court
Property Description

Reduced by €90,000!

This value priced villa is located down a dead end lane with a few neighbours around but very peaceful and private. There are nice entrance gates leading to the villa. The drive is long and at the end of this is a large storage area. There is a nice grass area to the front of the villa with a patio and BBQ area as well as another storage shed. The garden (2,700m2) is very large and mature with numerous fruit bearing trees, olive and many citrus fruit trees. There are also a number of beautiful palms. The pool (8X4) is directly behind the villa and there are some mature shade trees to keep you cool in the pool! The area around the pool is laid to grass and there is a high hedge dividing the pool area from a large piece of garden with many fruit, palm, fig, citrus trees. The entire plot is well fenced. There is a small shaded veranda to the front with the added benefit of an awning and a large one at the back with awning as well. The villa is compact (90m2) with 2 decent sized bedrooms a welcoming lounge with fireplace and a compact kitchen with access to the back garden. The villa is in need of some attention and although more than liveable right now it could use some modernization, TLC and overall some general cheering up. If you are looking for a full time home or holiday home and plan to spend your time in the large garden than this could be the perfect villa for you. Offered well below similar villas in the area for a quick sale!


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