€40,000 less! Budget Villa with 3 Acres of Sunshine, Pool & Vineyard!
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Property Details
125m2 / 1,346 sqft
12,500m2 / 3.09 acres
Property Features
  • Rustic Style
  • 15 Minutes to Town
  • Close to Schools
  • Close to Medical Facilities
  • Close to Amenities
  • Close to Transportation
  • Close to Shops/Restaurants/Bars
  • Close to Golf
  • Good Motorway Access
  • Traditional Village
  • Historic Area
  • Very Private & Secluded Location
  • No Near Neighbours
  • Mountain & Countryside Views
  • Good Condition
  • Modernization Needed
  • Telephone/Internet Possible
  • Well Water
  • Generator
  • Single Storey
  • Good Road Access
  • Full of Character
  • B & B Potential
  • Good Rental Potential
Inside Features
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • Fireplace
  • Tiled Floors
  • Air/Heat Conditioning
  • Gas Water Heating
  • Mostly Furnished
Outside Features
  • Oversized Separate Garage
  • Private Pool
  • Shaded Veranda
  • Not Overlooked
  • Mature Garden
  • Numerous Mature Trees
  • Irrigation System
  • Fruit Trees
  • Veg Patches
  • Vineyard
  • Flat Plot
  • Land Suitable for Farming
  • BBQ Area
  • Volleyball Court
Property Description

Private country property. This villa sits on a very large plot of 12,500m2 (over 3 acres) planted with 300 olive trees of varying ages and of excellent quality. There are also about 50 orange and other citrus fruit trees as well as numerous other fruit and palm trees. There is a large elevated pool about 20 meters from the house and the patio around it offers nice views to the surrounding countryside & Sierras. There is a very large vineyard with table grapes that make a delicious wine. There is also a good sized veg patch and overall the entire plot is amazingly fertile with possibilities to grow whatever your heart desires! The house features a huge vine covered patio area with a fixed dining table for 20 or more of your friends and family! The house is comfortable with 3 decent sized bedrooms and the air/heat conditioned lounge is welcoming and has a rustic fireplace. The kitchen and washroom are accessed from the patio; the kitchen is compact but fully fitted. To the side of the house are a large tractor garage and a further storage area with 2 separate entrances although joined. This property is currently run from generators but there are potentially more cost effective solutions like solar panels. The property has 2 very good wells and the water in this area is excellent and drinkable. This property presents an excellent opportunity to turn it into your perfect home and if your looking for privacy and a lot of land than this is the place! The property is located not far from Arahal; a prosperous town of 19,000 with full amenities. Priced right for a QUICK SALE!!!

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