Attractive Village Home with Cute Patio Priced Right!
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Property Details
75m2 / 807 sqft
105m2 / 0.03 acres
Property Features
  • Traditional Style
  • Steps to Everything
  • Close to Medical Facilities
  • Close to Amenities
  • Close to Transportation
  • Close to Shops/Restaurants/Bars
  • Close to Golf
  • Good Motorway Access
  • Traditional Village
  • Historic Area
  • Town Views
  • Good Condition
  • Partly Renovated
  • Cosmetic Work Needed
  • Telephone/Internet Possible
  • Town Water
  • Mains Electricity
  • 2 Storey
  • Tarmac Road Access
  • Full of Character
  • Good Rental Potential
Inside Features
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • Security Window Bars
  • Tiled Floors
  • Partially Furnished
  • Separate Laundry Area
Outside Features
  • Easy Street Parking
  • Municipal Pool
  • Patio
  • Outbuilding
  • Storage Room
  • Flat Plot
  • Daily Municipal Market
  • Municipal Sports Centre
  • Municipal Football Pitch
  • Municipal Tennis Court
  • Municipal Paddle Tennis Court
  • Municipal Volleyball Court
  • Municipal Basketball Court
Property Description

This property is located in the pleasant village of Aguadulce which is just off the A-92 motorway and only an hour from both Malaga and Sevilla. The village offers many amenities as well as municipal swimming pool, sports centre, daily market and many shops, bar and restaurants. See the Village Guide for more information on the village and many colorful photos. Enter the property to a bright sitting room with rustic wood beams. There is a bedroom off which could become a TV room if you don’t need 3 bedrooms. Down the hall leads to another room which could be a dining room or another sitting room, there is access from here to the back patio. The kitchen is past here which is a decent size and basically fitted although there is potential and wall space to expand it if desired. The shower room is just past the kitchen. There is access from the kitchen to the patio. The patio is a decent size with both a laundry/utility room as well as a large storage room. There is potential to add additional accommodation and if a second story is desired for the storage room a self contained apartment could be created. There are 2 decent bedrooms upstairs. The property is offered in very good condition however it would benefit from some modernization and general TLC. This value priced property is ready to enjoy!


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