SOLD!! Massive Family Sized Villa with Large Fruit Tree Filled Garden & Pool!
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Sevilla East Area | Ref: VL1315
Property Details
240m2 / 2,583 sqft
2,600m2 / 0.64 acres
Property Features
  • Rustic Style
  • 15 Minutes to Town
  • Close to Schools
  • Close to Medical Facilities
  • Close to Amenities
  • Close to Transportation
  • Close to Shops/Restaurants/Bars
  • Close to Golf
  • Good Motorway Access
  • Traditional Village
  • Historic Area
  • No Near Neighbours
  • Prestigious Area
  • Countryside Views
  • Excellent Condition
  • Telephone/Internet Possible
  • Well Water
  • Water Deposit
  • Mains Electricity
  • Single Storey
  • Very Good Road Access
  • Many Special Features
  • Full of Character
  • B & B Potential
  • Good Rental Potential
Inside Features
  • Gourmet Fitted Kitchen
  • Log Burner
  • Fireplace
  • En-Suite Bathroom
  • Walk-In Wardrobe
  • Security Window Bars
  • Tiled Floors
  • Fully Air/Heat Conditioned
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Aluminum Roller Blinds
  • Separate Laundry Area
Outside Features
  • Carport
  • Private Pool
  • Patio
  • Roof Sun Terrace
  • Fully Fenced & Gated
  • Outbuildings
  • Storage Rooms
  • Separate Guest Accommodation
  • Large Summer Kitchen
  • Mature Garden
  • Numerous Mature Trees
  • Veg Patch
  • Olive Trees
  • Lemon Trees
  • Orange Trees
  • Fig Trees
  • Loquat Trees (Nisperos)
  • Pomegranate Tree
  • Pear Trees
  • Peach Trees
  • Apple Trees
  • Flat Plot
  • Land Suitable for Farming
  • BBQ Area
  • Daily Municipal Market
  • Municipal Football Pitch
  • Municipal Tennis Courts
Property Description

This is an excellent property with plenty of inside and outside space. The villa (240m2) is set nicely back from the front gates. The garden is large (2600m2) and is broken up with a large bit to the right as you come through the gates. This area has many vegetables planted and numerous fruit trees. There is a smaller bit to the left which is mainly planted with fruit trees such as orange, lemon, fig, pear, apple, peach, etc. Straight along the drive there is a 2 car carport to the left and on the right is a large outbuilding broken down in 2 parts with one being a summer kitchen and the other a utility/laundry area, there is also a toilet, sink and shower cubicle here. There is some very good storage. From the side of the villa is a staircase which leads to a large sun terrace with views over the property and the pretty countryside beyond. The pool is behind the villa and a decent size at 10X5. There is access from the front of the villa to a vestibule as well as access from the side garden which leads to a massive (36m2) winter/lounge room with many windows. There is a cosy fireplace here. From this room leads to the good sized fully fitted kitchen featuring marble countertops. From here it leads to the hallway where there are the 5 bedrooms and another massive lounge as well as the guest bathroom. There are 4 double bedrooms and the master is an enormous 40m2 with large En-suite and dressing room. The entire house is air/heat conditioned and with the log burner in the winter lounge and fireplace in the 2nd lounge it is very comfortable. There is also solar hot water so the villa is very economical to run. There are excellent qualities throughout and the property is ready to live in now. Value priced and offered well below other similar villas in the area for a quick sale!

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